Celebration Brunch

Starting at 16.00 per person

Choose THREE from Category 1

Choose TWO from Category 2 

Additional choice, add 2.00 per person

Additional options as indicated


Category 1 - Choose three:

Mini Frittatas – onions, sweet peppers, homemade sausage or ham, cheese

Breakfast Casserole – meat, potatoes, cheese, or vegetarian

Seasonal Fruit Salad

Assorted Tea Sandwiches – meats, cheese, spreads, vegetarian

Artisan Pork or Chicken Sausage in Flaky crust (individual)

Breakfast Hash

Egg Scramble – cream cheese, parmesan, seasonal veggies and sausage ( or vegetarian)

Breakfast Potatoes – onions, sweet peppers

Swedish style (thin) Pancakes with fresh fruit syrup

California Orange Salad – Oranges, Feta, homemade candied almonds, little red onion, spring greens, homemade Honey Orange Dressing

Brioche French Toast w/fresh fruit syrup, stuffed with cream cheese –  Add 2.00 per person

French crepes – fresh fruit, cream cheese, Nutella or homemade jam filling – Add 2.00 per person

French Onion Pie – Delicate and creamy - Add 2.00 per person

Spinach and Gruyere Quiche – Add 2.00 per person

Breakfast Lasagna – Add 3.00 per person

7th Heaven Cafe Healthy Gourmet Food:

Brunch Menus

Start your day right!

It's not too early and not too late to get together with friends and celebrate the day! Brunch can be an elegant and delicious way to welcome a new arrival to the family, a valued member to the team - or just because. A baby shower, a girls' get together, a big family reunion - any excuse is a good one. Offering you and those you care about healthy gourmet food in Upland..

Our hearty, yet healthy and light offerings will make your start of the day a sweetly satisfying and memorable one. 

Support your local restaurants!

7th Heaven Gourmet 

Category 2 - Choose two:


Bagels, 2 cream cheese spreads (one sweet, one savory)

Homemade Mini Muffins - Cranberry Orange,Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip (choose variety)

Homemade Focaccia bread w/ Olive oil Herb dipping

Croissants w/ Homemade preserves

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